Creative Web Design

How would you trust an ugly website? Your customers wouldn’t either…

Creative Website Design by Merseyweb

If your website is difficult to use, what do you think your customers will do? 

We love designing, creating and publishing great websites.


Websites are an excellent tool to help develop your business by offering a 24hour, 365 days a year service to your clients – whether that be via offering them services, selling them products (eCommerce) or just by letting them know you are out there and how to get in touch.

Merseyweb has been creating websites since 2010, its owners since 1998 and has the knowledge, expertise and ability to develop websites for your business that not only look great but work great to.

Our websites are built for you and your brand but are designed and developed with your clients in mind. After all, the website is to entice, engage and work with clients and in doing so grow your business – that’s why we work closely with you to ensure that your website works.

Useful Layouts

We design in wireframes that engage with your client and keep them interested when visiting your website


Use websites to show case your work visually using the latest gallery design technology.


Easy to use Forms

We make it easy for your clients to get in touch with you via easy to use contact and feedback forms.


Let us integrate interactive maps so that your clients can easily find your business (or multiple businesses!)

Website Design from £299

Increase Conversions

On mobile and desktop, a responsive website means your visitors’ experience is enhanced. So, it’s more likely they find what they’re looking for.

Bigger Audience

Search engines prefer responsive websites. Make sure you appear on Google mobile searches


Easy Function

Responsive websites are easy to use and offer the same customer journey and experience as a desktop site. Clients will return if the website is easy to use!

Responsive Website Design

Rather than charge you the earth for extras, we believe that some things should just come as standard. Responsive design is one of them!

Responsive websites are those that alter shape, size and form to give maximum functionality and usability on any device, such as a smart phone, tablet, desktop computer etc. The website quite literally ‘responds’ to the format that it is being displayed on. What’s more, search engines love responsive websites and positively prefer them over old, unresponsive, cumbersome sites.

According to Google, 94% of local services are searched for using a mobile device (even when a desktop is available). Therefore it is a must that your new website is responsive otherwise those clients will not come back!

If your website doesn’t operate smoothly and work correctly, what will your clients think of the owner!

User Friendly Websites

We’ve all seen them, we’ve all had to endure them, nobody likes them…complicated websites. ‘The Human mind is a pleasure seeker’ meaning that it shuts off the moment things become difficult or require a level of effort greater than the perceived reward.

Using websites is not different – if its too hard to navigate, use or has errors, your client will move on to your competitor’s website.

At Merseyweb we believe in designing simple, easy to use, client focused websites. During our consultations with you, we will work out what your requirements are but also what your clients are; remembering that the website is just as much for them (if not more so) as it is for you.

Our approach to client focus is what brings them back, ensuring that you continue to grow your business organically.

Do you like to use complicated websites? No? Then why would your customers?

What to Expect from a Merseyweb Website Consultation

The following infographic has been designed to illustrate the key milestones that you will experience when working with us on your new website. We work against a detailed project plan to ensure that we capture all of your needs, enabling us to incorporate them into a design that represents your business.

Design Consultation

Initially we work with you to discover your requirements and get an idea of who you are, how you work, what your organisation does and what it would like to achieve.

Design and Build

Then we start to create your masterpiece with all the latest tools, techniques and expertise available whether thats for print or online.

Present and Learn

We will then present your design built to your requirements for your review, comments and feedback.

Amend and Change

Having listened to your feedback, we will make the changes and amendments to your design until you are completely happy!


Once we have approval, merseyweb will publish your responsive website online to the world! Completing your project.

Sign off and Completion

After publication, you will sign off on the project and the work is complete. That means, we’ll be invoicing you. Sorry!

Website Case Study: Top Cut Hairdressing

Creative brochure style web design for an expanding hairdressing business based across the United Kingdom

top cut hairdressing web design

Brochure Web Design

The client was looking for a modern, responsive, informative and editable website to attract new business, promote new offers, and run a blog from whilst providing contact details for each hair salon.

We approached Merseyweb to develop our outdated website into a useable, informative website. The result exceeded our expectation – a fresh, modern website viewable on all devices. It is already showing signs of a great return on investment.

M. Rowland

Director, Top Cut Hairdressing