Social Media Marketing

Get Connected, Influence your audience, Share your experiences and Grow your business through Social Media

Social Media Marketing in Liverpool

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Google+, Yammer, Linked In and many more – everyone is glued to social media and we can help promote your brand, website and products using the latest platforms, trends and techniques – leveraging social media to expand your presence.

About Social Media Marketing

Traditional advertising and marketing rules no longer apply in the world of social media.

We will help you plan and implement an organic or paid strategy based on extensive brand and target audience analysis.

Using the right tone for your relevant demographic on appropriate social networks will add value as a well-positioned product can increase brand awareness and revenue generation.

We will analyse which social media channels suit your business and your goals and work to create and implement successful social media strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a vital method in gaining presence, brand identity and influencing customers.

Merseyweb can manage your social media marketing, engaging with your audience to deliver regular, consistent interactions that drive targeted visitors to your website.

Be Part of the Conversation

People are talking about your industry and probably your brand – you need to be part of it to extenuate the positives and minimise those that are not so keen, turning all conversation into opportunity. Engaging on social media is a vital tactic in finding out what drives your audience so you can use the information to deliver exactly what you customers want.

Humanise and Personalise

We all despise sales pitches and messages, especially when delivered by faceless channels. Customers like to interact with you and other people – get a sense of personality to develop trust and faith. People also like instant results and replies to their queries and social media offers a platform for instant communication. Merseyweb can develop a consistent approach and tone that displays your personality, allowing your clients to build trust and engage more and more with your business.

Run & Maintain your Social Media

Social Media needs to be managed and maintained proactively to engage with your existing customers and continue to find new ones. Merseyweb will manage your social media and monitor the performance of your channels to ensure that they bring value to your business.

Use Social Media to drive traffic to your Website

Merseyweb can apply clever techniques to drive traffic from your social media campaign to your website, increasing visitors and sale conversions. We do this by developing a consistent tone and message to deliver quality content that offers value to your visitors, including reviews, updates, blog links, contests, incentives and competitions – building brand and business momentum. What you get from social media are visitors that want your product – targeted, genuine business potential influenced from relevant social media strategies such as following you on twitter or liking your posts on Facebook. We believe that every social media response is an opportunity for your business to develop a customer relationship and grow as a business.

Whats more, we can integrate social media with your website, displaying your latest content, buttons to share from your website to social media, ways to direct to and from social media sites (share buttons, like buttons etc) so that you are fully engaged across the plethora of social media!