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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search engine results page (SERPs) of a search engine. Your website has to have the ability to comply with search engine technology so that it is seen as relevant to your products and for your customers. Relevance between your website content and key search terms is paramount when attempting to rank highly in search results.

Expert SEO

Let Merseyweb create and manage your SEO Strategy, ensuring your website performs to the best of its ability, putting you in front of your target audience.

Why does my site need SEO?

Search engine primary objective is to return the most relevant result relating to a search query. It does this by scanning all of the available websites for content that matches and is relevant to the search query (key words and key phrases). The methods used by search engines change regularly as do the search terms that your customers use to try and find your (or your competitors!) services. You must regularly tweak your website to match the movement amongst search engines, your customers and the market place you operate within. An SEO Strategy from Merseyweb, bespoke to your business will give your website the optimal environment to achieve high rankings with search engines.

Will I be Number 1?

The sales answer is ‘of course you will’ but in reality it is very difficult to consistently be number 1 in search engine results pages – after all, EVERYONE is trying to be number one! You, your competitors etc. etc and you can’t all be number one. Therefore the trick is to be as specific as you can and target the audience that is most likely to be converted from an internet browser to a buyer and a returning buyer at that!

Work your SEO with Merseyweb

At Merseyweb we make every page of your website EFFECTIVE. We undertake exhaustive keyword research to optimise the visibility of each web page to drive the most relevant users (those most likely to be converted to customers) to your website.

We work on every page of your site to ensure that it has the best chance to be found in searches by those potential customers,

maximising your profits and growing your internet presence.


Understanding Search Engines

The Merseyweb team constantly work with search engines to understand how their criteria affect your site. We then work to put effective solutions in place, using the latest techniques.

From monthly SEO auditing, back link cleansing, content marketing and social promotion, our recommendations are based on in-depth and continually evolving search expertise.


Workable Content

Content is key. Search engines match a search query with your site content and rank on the relevance of that content. Therefore your website must have well created, written and shareable content. It has to be relevant to the search user and have value so that it really has an impact. As part of your SEO service we can create bespoke content plans (including content writing) to ensure excellent results.

Regular Engagement

Its important to engage with your audience through regular, valuable content. Blogging is a great method of providing your clients with helpful, valuable information such as workable tips and advice. At Merseyweb we can create blog posts on relevant topics to encourage your customers to engage with your site. The more visitors you can achieve, the more relevant search engines believe your site to be. Furthermore, we can use content influencers and celebrities to engage with your client base.

Get your SEO Consultation

Get your website up-to-scratch today and give it the best chance of performing well in search engine results pages. Contact the Merseyweb SEO team TODAY for a free appraisal of your website.

SEO Case Study: Winwick Park Kitchens

Improved and regularly maintain search engine optimisation for an newly formed kitchen supply and installation business based in Warrington, Cheshire.

SEO & Web Design

The client was looking for a modern, responsive website to showcase their work to potential clients and generate leads through their website by improving their rank locally on search engines such as google.

As we set up our new company, we needed a reliable web design company that could not only produce a great looking website to show off our work but make sure that we were on page 1 of google to attract new clients and let the local public know we were open for business. Merseyweb have certainly delivered – we have a lovely website that is always on page 1 of google for our keywords. Highly recommended web designers

Kev Byrne

Director, Winwick Park Kitchens