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During 2015, the British public spent £52.5bn online through ecommerce websites. Of that, £15bn was spent using mobile devices. These figures represented a 16.2% rise on sales compared to the previous year and the expectation for 2016 is that spending levels will rise again. If you are not selling your products or services online, you are missing out on these potential clients (we bet your competitors aren’t missing out!). Merseyweb can provide a clean, useable ecommerce website that looks and feels good.

Trustworthy, Reliable eCommerce Design

Ecommerce involves your customers spending money during a faceless transaction, so your website has to look good, be secure and instil trust. If it doesn’t your potential customers will leave and visit a competitor instead. Free and ‘package’ websites tend to give this ‘cheap’ feel and poor design puts people off parting with their hard earned cash. Merseyweb will deliver a secure and trustworthy site that not only looks great but performs to expected standards. Be part of the online shopping experience today!

Our websites look sensational while they earn you money!

Open All Hours

Start trading and expanding your business online – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Transform your website into a profit making machine today with a Merseyweb eCommerce solution!

Let Merseyweb turn your website into an effective ecommerce profit making tool.

The Merseyweb team has the knowledge and experience to help you generate business online – whether that is through selling products online to gathering and generating targeted leads (lead generation), through robust ecommerce design.


Making your site go Further

Your business can now be open 24 hours a day with an online shop to continual service your customers. We have the expertise to make your website go further and work harder for your business. Through beautiful ecommerce design and using the latest technology, we can help your website convert visitors into customers and yield more profit – 24 hours a day!

Built to expand your Business

Ecommerce from Merseyweb is always feature-rich and easy to find by people searching for your products and services. Our sites are developed with your customers in mind, converting traffic into sales. We build our ecommerce sites in such a way that they can be adapted and expanded alongside your business growth ensuring that your website needs are always achieved.

Get on Top and Stay there

To ensure that your site continues to perform and stay ahead of your competitors we incorporate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising into your ecommerce strategy. We continually update your online shop with new features that help you to stay ahead of the competition.